CM focus on technology IPCM Magazine n.81


[...] CM Automazione (Giussano, Monza and Brianza, Italy), which took care of the design and supply of a conveyor that was not easy to realise, given these space limitations in combination with another critical issue that emerged
during the design phase: RI-ME’s need to also paint with multi-coat systems involving the application of powder layers followed by liquid layers and vice versa.
The solution was found in the installation of an XD37/45 type two-rail overhead conveyor with a continuous-flow, step-by-step operation, featuring 30 load bars with a maximum load capacity of 300 kg each for transporting
parts with a length of 4 m, a height of 2.5 m, and variable depth. The handling units move with a 600-mm pitch. CM Automazione created a bypass from the powder coating booth to the liquid coating one to solve the problem of multi-coat systems. If two powder layers are needed, the chain makes two turns.”
At the three booths (i.e. the one dedicated to selflearning, the powder application one, and the liquid application one), the conveyor is equipped with three devices for the rotation of the handling units. It is also
equipped with an oiling station for automatic lubrication, as well as a lowerator for loading and unloading heavy parts. Finally, the line includes three storage buffers before and after the lowerator and one at the bypass
point between liquid and powder application. [...]