Automotive: CM focus on technology IPCM Magazine n.81


Flexibility. Automation. Digitalisation. Respect for the environment. These criteria guided MANTA Group in its project for the installation of a new automatic engine coating line that combined the expertise of Gaiotto, Graco, Savim, and CM Automazione to meet Iveco Group’s aesthetic and performance  requirements.
[...] Technical characteristics of the line The painting plant built by Savim (Arbizzano, Verona, Italy) and equipped with Gaiotto robot paints 370 engines/day. It is equipped with an XD45/59 step-by-step conveyor designed
and provided by CM Automazione (Giussano, Monza e Brianza, Italy). This accommodates up to 116 handling units with a maximum load capacity of 850 kg each, featuring a ring-gear idler swivel hook, normally locked in a unique position for safe part handling.
From the loading area, the transport units proceed across the pre-treatment and drying tunnel until the masking area with a step-bystep movement and a pitch of 2000 mm; their transfer time is less than one minute. In the coating area with two application booths the main conveyor (TR1) transfers the task to a dedicated conveyor (TR2), which also operates with a step-by-step flow and a pitch of 3200 mm, maintaining the correct spacing of the parts. The two coating booths feature rotation systems of the transport units to allow the completion of the painting operations in case of a robot malfunction. Inside the baking oven, CM Automazione has positioned four drive units that allow for the storage of the handling units. [...]