Maintenance and assistance

The planned maintenance of internal conveyor systems is one of the most important activities to be implemented after the commissioning and start-up of the machinery in order to ensure proper working and performance with maximum efficiency, as well as ensure the safety of products and the personnel involved in its use.
CM Automazione ensures this important and crucial service. This is an essential aid to maintain full operation of conveyors and in general the whole system used in the factory or production line.
Our operators will put into practice a series of actions in order to identify critical issues and aspects that are more prone to wear and tear – through scheduled inspections, we will proceed to monitor the state of the line and define the actions to be put in place to restore normal conditions of use.

Our services

  • Design We work with customers from moment they step in our doors, studying and organizing the best solution for their specific needs
  • Installation From planning to implementation, we also assist the customer in the installation of the conveyor(s) at their headquarters.
  • Maintenance and assistance The maintenance of product movement and handling is one of the most important activities that must be implemented after the commissioning and installation of the systems and machinery.
  • Turnkey systems We can follow the customer both in the individual stages of the implementation and in the creation of a turnkey project for the entire system of internal movement and conveyors.
  • Spare parts and accessories Available in stock and ready to use spare parts and accessories for conveyor systems and spare parts for existing hooks or trolleys.

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CM focus on technology IPCM Magazine n.84
CM focus on technology IPCM Magazine n.84

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