Morris Conveyors

MORRIS type overhead conveyors are used on systems where a simple, robust and reliable system is required, suitable for handling heavy loads and in the most demanding environmental situations.

The MORRIS overhead conveyor chain is composed of heat-treated forged steel elements.
The symmetrical pins can be rotated 180° when particularly worn, thus extending their life.
The chain elements are made of hardened carbon steel or hardened alloy steel, guaranteeing a high tensile value and greater resistance to deterioration.

Case History

Overhead and floor conveyors

  • Monorail conveyors In the monorail conveyors, the function of bi-planar chain is twofold: traction and load-bearing.
  • Power & free conveyors The two-rail conveyor features flexibility of use and is modulated according to the different needs of a complex
  • Manual conveyors The use of a manual conveyor is a logical and valid choice with regard to savings and practicality in cases where handling
  • Morris Conveyors Morris type overhead conveyors for handling heavy loads
  • Special systems This category includes all the special systems and products used in the completion or integration of the base conveyor.
  • Chains for conveyors Production of chains and bearings for overhead conveyors of various types.
  • Conveyor accessories Accessories and spare parts for conveyors, special systems, conveyors and industrial handling systems

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CM focus on technology IPCM Magazine n.84

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